Small/big game trophy


Moose trophy hunt – capercaillie – black grouse – hazel grouse trophy hunt.

Period: 10 October – 15 November.

Special requirements
: a good physical condition.

Weapons: calibre 6,5 x 55.

6 hunting days, 7 nights, 8 days.
Accommodation in a cottage near the hunting area, double / single room, full board without the beverages.
Shared shower and toilets. Sauna. Food based on small game and fish from the areas.
Hunting licenses and invitation.
Rent of the weapons.
Professional hunting guide with hunting dog for the moose hunt.
1 moose / hunter.
Professional hunting guide with dog for the capercaillie trophy hunt.
Professional hunting guide on the play area for the black grouse shooting.
Hazel grouse hunt on calling with a professional hunting guide.
1 capercaillie, 1 black grouse, 1 hazel grouse / hunter.
Birds trophy.
Special preparation of the birds trophies for the journey and the taxidermist.
All the transfers during the hunt.
Price: Minimum of 2 hunters and a maximum of 6 hunters.
Pricing for 1 hunter on request.

Not included:
International and domestic flights to Vilhelmina via Stockholm:
Stockholm – Vilhelmina:
Alternative airport Umeå via Stockholm.
Travel / health / luggage / repatriation insurance.
Prices for the moose trophy.
Import formalities for the weapons.
Shipping and mounting of the moose trophy.
Purchase of the moose meat.
Accompanying guest.
Extra hunting day.

Accommodation in a hotel. Pricing on request.
1 gourmet dinner with local specialities in a real gourmet restaurant.